On solid ground

Delivering value is an important pillar of Astra's strategy.

From delivering results for shareholders, suppliers, customers, the community and our people, the Company takes a long term approach to delivering enduring and sustainable growth and performance.

Astra is now stronger than ever, with production, partners and plans being implemented to achieve record growth and a horizon of profitability.

As a long-standing and successful public Company, backed by a dedicated Board and decades of experience from a team of highly skilled and motivated “hands on” industry leaders, Astra has proven its ability to respond and succeed in a challenging market.

Based in Queensland, the company’s regional headquarters is located at Brookwater, with offices in Subiaco in Western Australia and Jakarta, Indonesia.

Values and drivers

With prudent financial management, solid cash flow from its services arm and strong shareholder support, Astra is well placed to progress its five year strategy to become a major producer in South East Asia by:

  • -> Maintaining focus on the Company’s core strategy and competencies
  • -> Developing Astra’s business to the benefit of all stakeholders
  • -> Maximising the Company’s strengths and resources by increasing productivity and maintaining strong and prudent financial management
  • -> Creating shareholder value
  • -> Encouraging community engagement through local employment
  • -> Responding dynamically to an ever changing and volatile global economic market
  • -> Considering the needs of the environment, particularly in relation to sustainability and regeneration
  • -> Maintaining low overheads through dynamic decision making and skill set variance
  • -> Working with joint venture partners to achieve positive outcomes
  • -> Positioning Astra as a key explorer and miner for the Asian Century.

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