The combination of a leading integrated producer and marketer of commodities with a growing portfolio of industrial assets enables us to capture value at every stage of the supply chain from sourcing raw materials deep underground to delivering products to an international customer base. Our unique business model allows us to benefit from diversification across soft and hard commodities, a worldwide footprint and integration all the way from first exploration, production and processing to marketing and distribution to our end customers. This sets us apart from our industry peers and, supported by an entrepreneurial culture and value-seeking mindset, allows us to create value over the short, medium and long term and maximise opportunities throughout the cycle.

Astra benefits from complementary project pipelines, together with resilient and sustained profitability in marketing. We prioritise the highest return projects, cost management and enhancing our logistical capabilities to further enhance returns. The growth prospects for Astra are underpinned by volume growth in the combined industrial assets base, which in turn enhances opportunities for growth in marketing. In addition, we continue to buy from many third party commodity producers worldwide, and these relationships enable us to identify opportunities to grow its asset base. Our enhanced scale, diversification and financial flexibility enable us to capture more of these opportunities, provided they are consistent with our strategy.

Our company is structured into two distinct business segments:

  • Metals and Minerals: focusing on antimony, copper, chrome and iron ore. We have interests in both controlled and non-controlled industrial assets that include mining, beneficiating, refining and warehousing operations;
  • Energy Products: focusing on oil and coal. Our Energy Products businesses include controlled and non-controlled coal mining and oil production operations and investments in strategic handling, storage and freight equipment and facilities.

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